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Meditation is a vast field with many practices and everyone comes to meditation for different reasons. Meditation is becoming better understood, through practices that help focus and quiet the mind. But a relaxed body and a thought-free mind ~ although a wonderful feeling and powerful experience in itself ~ isn't the endpoint of meditation; it is in fact the beginning of an extraordinary inward journey.


What is Samarpan Meditation?

Samarpan Meditation is a way to go within, to discover the wealth of wellbeing, satisfaction and happiness that lies within each one of us. It isn’t a religion or a philosophy. It’s not necessary to believe or disbelieve; just opening to the experience of our own hidden intelligence ~ the guru within ~ brings immeasurable benefits, no matter who we are, or what we believe in.


Samarpan Meditation is very simple and based on the principle of inner experience. It is a gateway to personal transformation, peace, happiness and satisfaction in life. As we go deeper into the practice of ‘being with our soul’ then we start receiving guidance from within.


Samarpan Meditation has been handed down over 800 years from one teacher to one pupil, but after many years of spiritual practice in the Himalayas, His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swami returned with a wish to share the meditation with anyone who wanted to learn, and impart the same experiences that he had received in the Himalayas.  It has been developed for the present-day need and it has spread around the globe, being practiced by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.


The meditation causes a spiritual energy - ‘the Kundalini energy that lies dormant inside us to awaken. This inner wisdom results in positive changes across many areas of life. These changes are personal and unique to each of us, but some of the benefits that people experience with consistent meditation are


  • Less stress and tension;

  • More energy and motivation;

  • A more positive outlook on life;

  • An increase in natural immunity and improved health;

  • Inner joy and satisfaction; and

  • A deeper spiritual connection and genuine peace.

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