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  • How do we meditate
    Samarpan means ‘to let go’ or ‘to surrender’. Our intention, when sitting for meditation, is to let go of our effort to meditate and any expectations; to give ourselves the space to be still and let our inner intelligence ~ the guru within ~ guide us in a process of awakening that occurs automatically with this meditation. This happens through a simple mantra – a special set of words that have been imbued with high vibrations by a fully-realised human being who has already reached an elevated spiritual state. These vibrations resonate with universal consciousness and, through the mantra, we begin to experience our own vibration rising beyond the level that we could reach in our current condition. This starts a cleansing and awakening process and the benefits that come as a result.
  • What can I expect with Samarpan Meditation?
    When we approach things in life with openness and without expectation, we let the experience happen naturally, because we are with the experience rather than our thoughts about it. Likewise, if we approach meditation openly and without expectation, then we are with the experience of meditation itself. Each person’s experience is often different and so Samarpan Meditation is something to experience for yourself. From the shared experienes of people who have meditated regularly with Samarpan Meditation, this experience often subtly evolves/deepens with time. The wider benefits noticed amongst regular meditators have included: Increased sense of calm Increased general happiness Increased inner peace An increased sense of humour A more positive outlook Knowing oneself Increased sense of acceptance
  • How can I meditate when my mind is so busy?
    When there are so many influences, pressures and distractions that are constantly taking our attention, it is hard to believe that we can find a sense of peace or any kind of balanced state of mind. But stillness, peace and a balanced mind are our natural state and meditation is the means of reconnecting us with that experience. Meditation is as natural a human quality as falling into a restful sleep and with consistent meditation, over time it becomes increasingly a habit to be stable and peaceful within, regardless of what is happening around us.
  • How can I personally progress with meditation?
    There are two invaluable features of Samarpan Meditation, that help in the progression of our meditation journey: An ongoing connection with a fully-realised Guru who continues to support, nurture and protect us as we grow with the meditation; and The principle of ‘collectivity’ ~ the benefit of meditating in the company of others, which increases the flow of vibrations as each person’s capacity to receive is added to ours. The weekly Samarpan Meditation centers are set up to provide a place for people to meditate together throughout their Samarpan journey, as well as connect positive people to our lives. There are many hundreds of thousands of people meditating with the Samarpan mantra and connecting to the vibrations worldwide, and we each gain the benefit of that vast collectivity at a subtle level.
  • Is this meditation right for me?
    To find out whether a particular meditation is right for us and effective, we need to experience it for ourselves. No books, no reading, no logic can be true for you unless you have the experience yourself. When we start something new, it helps to make a commitment to pursue it for enough time to notice whether or not it is making a positive change in our lives. Over a very short period of regular practice, you will find that the habit of meditation starts to form and as such it becomes easier. Subsequently, you will look forward to the time spent sitting for meditation each day. We recommend trying Samarpan Meditation daily for just 45 days, by which time the benefits will be apparent and you will know if it is worthwhile.
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