"Through meditation your thought pattern changes, and then your surrounding aura changes and your entire life changes."




A sacred and tranquil space

Samarpan Yog Centre for Meditation and Retreat is set on the border of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire in the beautiful surroundings of the Vale of Belvoir, which lies on the edge of a nature conservation area.

It provides a sacred and tranquil space where you can experience the peace and inner satisfaction that comes through meditation, and we welcome you, whether you are new to meditation or wishing to deepen your practice.

Daily meditation and opportunities for retreat and quiet introspection to enhance well being and spiritual development .

Through the practice of Samarpan Meditation, we gain inner experience of the soul and spiritual transformation.


Samarpan Yog Centre for Meditation and Retreat is a vibrant place filled with pure vibrations and consciousness, which accelerates and deepens the journey within.  To meditate on the estate brings experiences of peacefulness, joy and wellbeing.


The nature of Ashram

Samarpan Yog Centre is a modern day Ashram, a pure location where spiritual awakening and progress on the inner journey can take place in a suitable environment. For thousands of years, Ashrams have provided encourage and support for those who wish to go deeper in their spiritual practice, a safe place to experience transformation of body and a turning inward of the mind, so that they become a vehicle for the realisation and expression of deeper understanding, wisdom and joy.


Samarpan Yog Centre is such an Ashram - a place to journey inward through meditation, retreat, awakening and soul connection.


"If devoted spiritual practice can take place at a designated place in a designated manner, then an aura of that spiritual practice is created at that place. After that one does not need to practice at any place; it just occurs. One does not need to put in any effort to move in the fast flowing water; the flow of the water carries one along.


In exactly the same way, the Ashram is a place where the practice of Samarpan Meditation happens continuously. That is why it is easy to do Samarpan Meditation here."

H.H. Shree Shivkrupanandji

The sacred heart of the site

At the heart of the estate resides a vibrant, energised 'Guru Shakti Dham' ~ the home of spiritual energy. It is a place where the pure vibrations of Consciousness have been established and remain, continually absorbing more from nature and distributing throughout the environment.  These high vibrations of universal Consciousness emanate through the form of an energised Statue, one of several such focal points for spiritual awakening across the world.  


The Statue has very special qualities and has been imbued with a vibration that clears the mind and brings about a thought-free state, that leads easily into meditation. It is filled with Consciousness ~ and it is possible to experience pressures and problems falling away and an awakening to inner peace, in its proximity.

Each of these energised statues help to raise human consciousness, accelerate spiritual growth and bring about self-realisation and wholeness. They are linked across the globe energetically with the aim of supporting the personal and spiritual development of many millions of people throughout the world ~ to bring peace in the world, through each individual's experience of peace within. 

‘Samarpan’ is a Sanskrit word meaning complete surrender; and

‘Yog’ (Y‘oh’g) being union of body with soul.

Samarpan Yog Centre for Meditation and Retreat is the place where we easily experience the deep peace and inner satisfaction that surrender of our body with our soul brings.


Samarpan Yog Centre facilities

We are in the early stages of development of the estate, a purpose built meditation hall being part of the plan, so the rhythm of daily meditation currently takes place in a dedicated meditation room in the bungalow ~ a comfortable and sunlit space with glass doors leading out to a wide patio and lawn, mature trees and borders. 

An attractive garden also fronts the bungalow, providing two large outdoor spaces for meditation and contemplation. A large conservatory forms the entrance to welcome visitors and gives access to a sheltered terrace where you can sit and enjoy the garden.

The bungalow is able to welcome up to 18 people for daily meditation, and up to 8 people can stay overnight in several simply furnished, cosy rooms in single or bunk beds. Find out more about visiting.


Other activities and events that support the practice of meditation, introspection and spiritual development, including several larger scale events through the year, also take place at the Yog Centre.

Please note that because of the developing nature of the estate we are not yet the best destination for visitors with physical disabilities. We are working on it, so please get in touch to talk about whether we might be able to accommodate your needs.