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A sacred and tranquil space


The nature of Ashram

Samarpan Yog Centre for Meditation and Retreat is set on the border of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire in the beautiful surroundings of the Vale of Belvoir, which lies on the edge of a nature conservation area. It is a vibrant place filled with pure vibrations and consciousness, which accelerates and deepens the journey within.

Samarpan Ashram provides a sacred and tranquil space where you can experience the peace and inner satisfaction that comes through meditation, and we welcome you, whether you are new to meditation or wishing to deepen your practice.

The Nature of Ashram


Samarpan Yog Centre is a modern-day Ashram, a pure location where spiritual awakening and progress on the inner journey can take place in a suitable environment. For thousands of years, Ashrams have provided encouragement and support for those who wish to go deeper in their spiritual practice, Samarpan Yog Centre is such an Ashram - a place to journey inward through meditation, retreat, awakening and soul connection.



Daily meditation currently takes place in a dedicated meditation room in the bungalow ~ a comfortable and sunlit space with glass doors leading out to a wide patio and lawn, mature trees and borders. 

An attractive garden also fronts the bungalow, providing two large outdoor spaces for meditation and contemplation. A large conservatory forms the entrance to welcome visitors and gives access to a sheltered terrace where you can sit and enjoy the garden. ​The bungalow is able to welcome up to 18 people for daily meditation. 


The estate already has established mature gardens but work to improve the gardens and landscaping across the estate will continue. The Trust’s plan is that the plants that are introduced to the site are suitable indigenous species that support the natural balance of the site throughout the seasons, and have regard to the life cycle of the micro-organisms, creatures and birds that we share the estate with. We aim to work with organic and environmental principles and practices in mind, that support the biodiversity of the estate, as we carry out the landscaping, natural development and maintenance work.

Come and visit


Samarpan Yog Ashram is OPEN for daytime meditation by registration only. 


If you feel inspired to deepen your meditation practice, understand more about Samarpan Meditation and share in this transforming experience, Samarpan Yog Centre for Meditation is the place to come.  We warmly invite you to the Yog Centre and look forward to meeting you.  

Please take some time to carefully read through the information below in order to fully benefit from your visit.

Registering to visit

The first step is to register your visit at least three days ahead. As well as helping us arrange your visit, registration is an important part in your personal inner preparation as you put your intention towards spending time in meditation, discovering and deepening your experience as a soul.  It is the start of your 'pilgrimage', your soul journey to inner peace.


For daily meditation, at present we can welcome up to 18 people a day to meditate in the bungalow so please help us by letting us know you are coming.​


Samarpan Meditation is taught free of charge. We do welcome donations, as a way to fund our running costs and development plans and there are several ways you can support this, and enable more people to benefit from Samarpan Meditation and the Yog Centre.

Please contact us to register at least three days in advance if you would like to come and visit. Please also be aware that, at times of the year when specific events take place in the Samarpan calendar, you may need to book much farther in advance.

For the safety of visitors and residents, CCTV cameras are in operation at various sites throughout the estate.


Contact us to arrange your visit

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