His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami, affectionately known as Swamiji, is the spiritual teacher and founder of Samarpan Meditation.

Having yearned to understand and experience connection with the divine from his early childhood, he spent many years in the Himalayan mountains meditating with Gurus, Siddhas, Rishis, Munis, Kaiwalya Kumbhak Yogis, Buddhist and Jain Monks and Saints - ultimately reaching the High Gurus who exist there and communicate, not with language, but by vibrations through meditation. In that place he received self realisation and discovered within what he had been seeking.


From his Gurus he received the gift of Samarpan Meditation and was sent by them back to society to impart that experience to whoever wishes to receive it. 

Through the practice of Samarpan Meditation, we are able to reconnect with nature and awaken our innate humanity - becoming healthy, content, successful and spiritually aware human beings.

"All our life, we try to get to know and understand other people but we never try to get to know ourselves. Samarpan Meditation teaches one to get to know oneself. It teaches the common man to turn inwards because it is based on the principle that world peace can never be achieved through holy books or through powerful instruments, but can only be brought about by initiating inner peace in the soul of every individual."

H.H. Shivkrupanandji

Using examples from his own life and spiritual journey, Swamiji teaches from his heart about meditation, the true meaning of yoga, humanity and nature. He shows how the pathway to world peace is through inner peace in the individual, living in the present moment and he imparts a great depth of understanding on many practical, ethical and spiritual matters of importance in the world today.

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