"You are not a drop of water, you are the 'limitless ocean'; always remember that."





Samarpan Yog Ashram is OPEN for daytime meditation by registration only, from 10 August. Please follow our Covid-19 protocols if you would like to visit.

Come and visit

If you feel inspired to deepen your meditation practice, understand more about Samarpan Meditation and share in this transforming experience, Samarpan Yog Centre for Meditation is the place to come.  We warmly invite you to the Yog Centre and look forward to meeting you.  


Please take some time to carefully read through the information below in order to fully benefit from your visit.

Registering to visit

The first step is to register your visit at least three days ahead. As well as helping us arrange your visit, registration is an important part in your personal inner preparation as you put your intention towards spending time in meditation, discovering and deepening your experience as a soul.  It is the start of your 'pilgrimage', your soul journey to inner peace.


  • For daily meditation and darshan, at present we can welcome up to 18 people a day to meditate in the bungalow (including those staying overnight) so please help us by letting us know you are coming.

  • For overnight stays and longer visits, up to 8 people can sleep in the bungalow. Generally, you can stay for one to three days at a time.


Staying here is free of charge. We do welcome donations, as a way to fund our running costs and development plans and there are several ways you can support this, and enable more people to benefit from Samarpan Meditation and the Yog Centre.

Please contact us to register at least three days in advance if you would like to come and stay,  Please also be aware that, at times of the year when specific events take place in the Samarpan calendar, you may need to book much farther in advance.

"If we succeed in connecting ourselves where there is an environment of thoughtlessness, then we will also experience the joy and peace within ourselves"

H.H. Shree Shivkrupanandji


The daily rhythm of meditation

The daily schedule consists of early morning and evening meditation, with other activities through the day, including listening to audio/video teaching and giving service where needed on the estate.  


Samarpan Meditation sessions take place every day at:

6:00 am – 6:30 am  Early Morning Meditation
7:00 pm – 7:30 pm  Evening Meditation

Darshan of the Living Energy Statue is every day between:

7.00 am  12.00 pm and 2:00  7:00 pm.

(Darshan is a Sanskrit word meaning obtaining the 'auspicious sight' of that which is pure and capable of bestowing Consciousness on a person).


Guidelines for staying

When you visit the Samarpan Yog Centre, come only as a seeker of spiritual experience, to enhance your personal journey of meditation and connection with your soul.


The whole estate has been endowed with a very special environment of high vibrations and peacefulness, and to help maintain it, we ask that you observe these simple protocols during your stay:

  • Switch off your cameras, phones, tablets or laptops and put them away where they will not distract you during your stay. Your visit will be more fulfilling.

  • Please do not take photographs of the Living Energy Statue.

  • Make sure your children are supervised at all times and don’t disturb other meditators.

  • Maintain a quiet attitude and silence during the specified times, respecting others who wish to remain silent.

  • The whole estate is a sacred place, please do not pick any plants or flowers, or leave rubbish and especially, don't walk onto the demarcated space around the Guru Shakti Dham. 

  • All food prepared here is vegetarian. Please only bring vegetarian food onto the estate.

  • Smoking, alcohol or illegal stimulants/drugs are not permitted anywhere on the estate.

"The aura of Samarpan Meditation has been formed in this place; all you require is an empty mind to participate in the meditation."

H.H. Shree Shivkrupanandji 

What to bring

  • All meditation, meals and accommodation are offered free of charge but if you would like to donate money, food or any other items then you are very welcome to and we value everyone’s contribution. By donating, you are contributing to another’s spiritual progress.

  • Please bring breakfast, fruit and snacks to share.

  • Bring suitable food for yourself, if you have specific dietary needs.

  • Please bring your own towel and toiletries, a top and bottom sheet and pillow case.


There are no shops nearby so please bring what you need.

What to wear

  • Clothing should be clean and modest.

  • There is plenty of service to be given outdoors, as well as indoors, so please come prepared, even in summer, for bad weather.

  • We recommend you wear warm outdoor clothing, with waterproofs, umbrellas and sensible shoes for walking on uneven ground.

  • If you are visiting in the winter then you should bring a torch as well.

Health and Safety

  • Please wash your hands before eating.

  • Follow all instructions displayed on signs.

  • The site is under development so please keep to paths and take care when walking on uneven ground.

  • Any incidents or accidents must be reported immediately to the Manager.

  • If in doubt about a certain area or activity, always ask.


For the safety of visitors and residents, CCTV cameras are in operation at various sites throughout the estate.

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