Not sure if this meditation is for you? Here's a taste of why people love it and experience so much benefit from adding just half an hour of it to their day...

We all meditate for different reasons. I do it to give my mind a rest from the constant flow of thoughts about the past and worries about the future. It helps me find that calm and quiet place within me, that in every day life I'm too busy to visit.


Venues Manager, Wales, UK

When we meditate we go through a lot of subtle changes, which we ourselves do not realise, but it's only our near and dear ones who experience this change in us. I guess the same has happened with me; by far the biggest change I have experienced over a period of time and after meditating for a few years now, is that I have become a much calmer person than I was. Samarpan Meditation has helped me become a more balanced, content and overall a happy person!


London, UK

I was introduced to Samarpan meditation at work. I wasn't sure how it could benefit me but I felt open minded after hearing positive experiences from colleagues and friends. I am the type of person who worries about everything and find meditating a way of quietening down the mind. After meditating, I feel focused and ready to face the world again with a smile on my face. I would  now recommend meditation to other people who wish to live a peaceful, stress-free life.


Business Support, Wales, UK

What I like about meditation is the effect it has on time. Time seems to grow and things get done more easily. This was apparent to me from the start with daily meditation.


Business owner, Penarth, UK

I first met Swamiji in 2001 and the experience changed my life. The meditation practice that he teaches has become a daily source of peace, joyfulness, satisfaction and stability for me, that just keeps giving! Half an hour of this a day lifts me up for the other 23.5 hours.


Executive Office Manager, Cardiff, UK

Before I retired, I worked at a school for children with special needs for 13 years, teaching physical education, yoga and relaxation, but it is impossible for some children to sit even for a second. When I came into Samarpan Meditation, whatever I have achieved through meditation, I wanted everyone to experience this. That's how I introduced it to my students too. I have seen the change; they would sit very calmly, totally engrossed, listening to the music. Some children said that they loved being there; they don't want to come out of the calmness. I wish every school has meditation first thing in the morning for these tender souls.


Yoga teacher, Leicester, UK

After learning about Samarpan Meditation in the summer of 2003, I sat for meditation on my own for the first time a few months later. After listening to the Guru mantra I had the experience of a subtle force within me moving outwards, extending outwards, and connecting with nature all around. It gave rise to an experience of merging with all of nature.


Artist and lecturer, Lincoln, UK

I strongly recommend everyone to try and persist in the path of Samarpan Meditation. There is nothing else that will help you to see life, the world and your own self as clearly as the practice of meditation does. It help you understand, see and perceive the truth. This means that whatever is not good for you drifts away effortlessly so there is no room left for suffering, fear and doubt in life. You will benefit at all levels: physical, emotional, social and spiritual; and, best of all, you will be protected from external threats in this modern world full of them! You will also eventually become your own Guru in life. Needless to say, Samarpan Meditation has more than changed my life - it has given me life!


Leicester, UK (now Peru)

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