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"...the aim of Samarpan Meditation is to work actively to improve society right from its roots."



We share peaceful Samarpan Meditation free of charge to enhance well-being, contentment and inner peace. We aim to promote a better understanding of meditation and its benefits, to make a positive impact on society and help people see genuine changes in their lives.

It is our aim ~ and that of all our passionate volunteers ~ to provide opportunities for anyone to experience awakening to their own inner wisdom through Samarpan Meditation and see genuine, positive changes in their own lives.

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More than ever, people are searching for something to bring mental peace, health and satisfaction, and deeper meaning in their life. We can communicate easily across the world, yet still feel disconnected and lonely, stressed and overwhelmed, day to day.  This touches the lives of people of all ages and situations, across country, culture, community, our own family and ourself. 

Meditation is a gift of nature and the birthright of every human being.

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Meditation is the vehicle to connect with our Soul ~ the Guru within ~ and find that within us is the power to transform and guide our lives towards success.  We have an inborn need for a higher love, connection, peace, happiness, a healthy body and a balanced mind.  But we also have a natural inclination towards that state of balance, which can awaken in the right circumstances and environment.

It is our aim to offer that opportunity and create the environment within every community, every school, every workplace and every home, so that person by person we can together create an 'aura of peace' in the world, emanating from the heart of each individual.


Peace in the heart of each individual is the way to bring lasting peace in the world. 

The Trust and our mission

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We are part of a worldwide mission, inspired and founded by His Holiness Shivkrupanandji, sharing Samarpan Meditation with individuals and the wider society. We do this through events, retreats, workshop teaching series and introduction to meditation sessions, and by establishing weekly meditation centres in communities and workplaces in the UK.

Samarpan Meditation was introduced to the UK in December 2000 and, since then, we've been working to promote a better understanding of meditation and its extensive benefits and help people through a meditation that meets the needs of the present time, and makes a positive impact on society.  In this way, we aim to actively play our part to improve the physical and mental wellbeing, and moral and spiritual welfare of society, raising the consciousness of humanity and increasing peace in the world through inner peace in each individual. 

The UK Trust (Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Trust UK) was formally established on 2nd October 2006 and incorporated on 14 May 2012. The Trust is nonprofit with charitable tax status (HMRC Charity No: EW19986), and is supported entirely by volunteers who are passionate about the value and benefits of meditation and through donations, so we can offer our services free of charge. 


You can support our work

We value everyone's involvement in supporting the work of Samarpan Meditation UK. You can do this in a variety of ways,


    • join project teams to work on specific initiatives;

    • help to organise events and workshops; 

    • offer some time to maintain and develop the Ashram.


    • provide your expertise or knowledge to support our projects;

    • share with others about our work or help publicise events. 



It's really easy to Gift Aid your donation, so please sign up in Step 1  of our simple online process if you are a UK tax payer. 

Follow our easy 2-step process through our donation portal and choose your preferred method.

Step 1

You can choose to 'Gift Aid' your donation if you are a UK tax payer. Gift Aid is so valuable to us every year, so please don't miss providing your details, to tell the tax office to refund your tax to us, which makes your donation 25% bigger, at no extra cost to you!

Allocate your donation ~ you can also tell us what you'd like your donation used for. 

Tell us if you want to register as a 'keeper of the Estate'. 

Step 2

Select your donation method and make a payment - You can skip Step 1 and go straight  to 'Donate' at any time.

(Our HMRC Charity Reference Number is: EW19886)


Ways you can donate through our portal

  • visit our JustGiving page and also read about our current fundraising campaign ~ you can gift aid your donation here too.

  • Transferwise - for international transfers


  • standing order


  • online bank transfer


  • cash/cheque


Keepers of the Estate

‘The Keepers of the Estate’ play a very important role in supporting the bed rock of our activities and vision by making regular monthly contributions to help with Samarpan Yog Centre for Meditation and Retreat running costs, maintenance, facilities and our projects for its development.


To become a ‘Keeper of the Estate’ all you need to do is simply set up a regular monthly payment in your preferred way:

by standing order

with your bank online

through Paypal

You can become a Keeper of the estate for any amount you wish.

To register as a Keeper of the Estate, just start the Donation process.



Another way to give is with a ‘tithe’ ~ traditionally, a 'one-tenth' part of something, such as income or goods, and it has ancient spiritual connections.  We prefer to see it as a 'free-will offering' of a proportion chosen by you. By tithing, we are offering back to the Universe a part share of what we have received.


A tithe can be given monthly, annually or at intervals depending on what is easiest for you.

You can either set this up by standing order or through Paypal, or make a 'pledge', which is your commitment to support in this way.

To set up a payment, follow the 'Start Donation' link to Step 1.  (You can sign up to Gift Aid it and tell us how you want us to use your tithe here too).

For more information on any of the above please contact the Trustees:



The nature of spiritual service

Volunteering in Samarpan is about much more than giving our time and energy to help the organisation.  Just as in meditation, when we turn our thoughts and attention to service our awareness of the spiritual vibrations of Universal Consciousness increases and we benefit from that flow of energy. 


This experience of receiving spiritual progress whilst giving service is unique and we often refer to it as Guru karya.  Guru karya is literally 'Guru Work' - work that is done for the Guru. As we ‘do’ Guru Karya, Consciousness flows through us and the work is filled with good vibrations.  As we progress we stop imposing our own expectations or outcome; our thoughts that we are ‘doing’ the work ceases.  Then, like meditation, we cease to ‘do’ Guru Karya; instead Guru Karya ‘happens’ – as our soul guides us without effort or ego on our part.  The result is that gradually we learn to become detached and present moment in all our actions; the work flows effortlessly and successfully. 


Guru Karya is a gift for our benefit, for our growth, as we learn to live moment by moment with our attention on the pure vibrations of Consciousness and allowing that to guide us in every action and interaction of our lives. 

"Whenever you do gurukarya – ask yourself for whom you are doing this – are you obliging anyone, in fact you are obliging yourself (for your own spiritual progress)."

H.H. Shivkrupanandji



As we approach our biggest project yet ~ the building of a Meditation Hall ~ we are interested in hearing from you if you can offer your skills, advice, non-professional and professional services to our projects.

We also value any skills or services that help us promote our work. This may be as simple as sharing our events with your friends, colleagues or network of contacts.

If you have any of the following in good, working condition that you are happy to contribute, please get in touch.

Building and carpentry tools             

Garden tools or equipment   

Decorating tools                                

Logs (for the wood burner)     

Printing facilities                              

Office equipment

For more information on any of the above please contact the Trustees:

Thank you!  We value your contribution and greatly rely on it.