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Construction project - new images and what's been going on

The donations received this year has meant a substantial element in the construction of the Meditation Hall and the public facilities block is done.

With your generosity we have completed the first stage of construction, with important elements of stage 2 in process.

There's a lot that's gone into this important first stage.:

  • The groundworks, drainage, foundation and the footings for the roof support of the Meditation Hall are complete.

  • The glulam beams structure that will support the roof and the glass pyramid roof light has been manufactured. These beams have been made to order and are waiting in storage for stage 2 construction.

  • Swamiji requested the addition of an underground chamber which has been installed. The recent pause on the project whilst we raise funds for stage 2 has given us much needed time to do some necessary research around this.

  • The ground works are also complete for the public facilities building and the block work for the walls has been installed.

  • A raised platform has been erected directly behind the facilities block for the oil storage tank.

  • The purchase of the stone blocks is in process - Swamiji has recently advised the use of limestone instead of sandstone.

Please support the next stage of construction by donating generously to our Donate a Block campaign

Keep a look out for more information to come on plans to take this project through the next stage.

Stage 2

Installation of blockwork, insulation, glulam timber beams, roof and insulation, plastering, pyramid roof, copper flashing, windows, doors, to take the project to a watertight stage (both buildings)

Stage 3

Mechanical and electrical works, interior finishing, installation of safety equipment, lobby, installation of limestone cladding and finishing of plinth to completion of the buildings.

Artist impressions of the Meditation Hall design and landscape scheme

Construction stage 1 completed (November 2020)


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