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The Chamber of Crystal

In preparing an underground chamber in the foundation of the GuruShakti Dham in the UK, where a Shree Yantra would be installed and activated, nature and the high vibrations of consciousness overseeing this project had their own plan for its design.

A hidden treasure

The Shree Yantra is an important part of the process of establishing a GuruShakti Dham. Also called a Shree Chakra, it is a form of mystical diagram, a 'device' made of gold. Through a period of deep meditation (Anusthan), Swamiji activates a powerful mechanism that will establish a connection between the earth and the GuruShakti Dham. It becomes imbued with high vibrations of consciousness during his Anusthan.

It is placed beneath the Murti (the energised Statue) and remains sealed and hidden there. It works with nature to maintain the purity and flow of high vibrations through the Murti so that it can give continual spiritual experience to those who wish it. It will provide this protection for the lifetime of the vibrations without the need for any human intervention. The Shree Yantra also connects this sacred space with each of the others being established around the world. This network of sacred spaces will play its part in raising global consciousness for the next 800 years.

A change of design

In 2016, the original outline building design for the GuruShakti Dham in the UK did not include an underground chamber beneath the plinth on which the Murti would sit. Swamiji had made special arrangements for a place within the plinth to install the Shree Yantra instead.

When construction started in November 2019, the detailed building design work had been largely completed, engineering and structural surveys taken and the ground works stage of the construction thoroughly planned. This had already been a long process of preparations leading up to the start of the physical construction but, as excavations began, the appointed building company identified some critical issues in and under the foundation. The most cost effective and ideal solution was to replace the original foundation completely. This gave rise to an opportunity to build an underground chamber into the new foundation, smaller but similar in purpose to those being constructed at the Samarpan Ashrams at Dandi, Ajmer, Kutch and Rajkot.

This opportunity was too important to miss. Designs were prepared based on research and investigations of options, taking into account the work already done on this project and what could be accommodated on our particular property, with the recommended waterproof membrane to account for the water table and natural streams that run underneath the local landscape of the area, and

With Swamiji’s blessing and his guidance over the plans, the designs were agreed and the chamber was created in the foundation.

This chamber would be where Swamiji would sit with the Shree Yantra during an Anusthan (deep meditation) period. This would secure the Murti’s purity and connection for 800 years with the Murtis being established in the other GuruShakti Dhams around the world.

Nature decides

The plan was for the Shree Yantra to be underground, within the earth element, encased in the marble that Swamiji had blessed, to prevent any physical touch or impurity coming into contact with it. Nature had a different plan though and, as construction work stopped in spring of 2020, it became clear that those underground streams of water could reach higher than predicted and, at times, flow into the chamber. Further research on solutions was done over that period of quiet down-time when no construction could take place. In fact, that stopping point was synchronistic as it meant we saw the effect of the underground water levels on the chamber through several seasons.

A number of solutions were considered and rejected due to the strength and power of the water flow. The solution would need to last for the next 800 years and provide stability to the vibrations for that long. A final solution was identified and put to Swamiji and, in his wisdom and kindness, he recommended to fill the chamber and revert to the original plan.

In that gift of wisdom, we could consider what should be underneath the precious Murti.


Swamiji’s first earth crystal experience in the UK

Amongst the many sacred places Swamiji has visited in the UK, in 2003 he went with Guruma to Glastonbury in the South West of England and climbed the famous Glastonbury Tor.

The Tor is a natural hill formation with an ancient pathway carved in a labyrinthine pattern from base to top. It stands prominent above a vast landscape of flat land. It is considered a very special vibrational location, a chakra point for the UK and for the globe, from where many ley (energy) lines begin or transverse.

At the top of the hill is a Tower, which was added to a church in the 1360s, but is all that now remains. Archaeological evidence suggests that the Tor has been habited since Neolithic times and been connected with spirituality and ritual for over 1500 years. Glastonbury continues to draw the spiritual seeker to this day.

When Swamiji was at the top he spent a short time meditating. Afterwards, he said that he had experienced a great crystal sitting underneath the Tor. He also said that he had activated it with high spiritual vibrations.

Swamiji’s network of activated stones

Swamiji has activated many locations as he has travelled the UK, by putting pure high vibration into standing stones around the country. He shared the following answers with Tim when he energised the large standing stones at Pen Rhiw

“This energy will cover the entire UK…I am putting energy in stones in other places so the energy will travel between these places. I am making a network of stones around Britain”

…And in the centre of this energy will be your Statue?

“Yes this is how it will be…And later on these stones will start receiving energy from this centre point” [the Murti]


A crystal chamber is realised

We had an opportunity to fill the chamber with something that would be vibrationally beneficial to the GuruShakti Dham. It was decided to use quartz crystal rock to fill the chamber and make the foundation good again. Quartz has a unique quality, similar to the unique quality of water. It can absorb any vibrational frequency and transmit that frequency on.

The natural quartz rock was installed in the chamber, filling it completely and was overlaid to make good the foundation. This all took place the week before Swamiji started his 45 day Anusthan in January, in time for it to become beautifully cleansed and vibrated, and before building work recommences.

This great collectivity of crystal rock now lies underneath the very place where the marble plinth will stand, upon which the Murti will sit and above which will be the glass pyramid roof through which the daylight and stars will shine.

These crystals will also receive a powerful activation when Swamiji comes to the UK to install the Shree Yantra and connect the Murti with the other sacred Murtis around the world.

And what is to come…?

The natural underground streams that we could not hold back will continue to flow happily and unimpeded beneath - and sometimes through - the base of the crystal chamber whenever the water rises. Natures elements of earth (the ground), water (the streams) and fire (the crystal) will all support the ever increasing vibrations.

The GuruShakti Dham design is different from those built so far. It holds a simplicity; the design and materials used work with natures environment in the UK, and it may be that nature itself has determined this change to suit the needs of the Murti and the souls here.

Find out more…

The story of the GuruShakti Dham does not stop here. It is one unique factor of this GuruShakti Dham that continues to inspire and connect souls to the high vibrations of our Himalayan meditation, history and legacy.

There are more fascinating facts about the building design which you can read in our series of posts on the construction of this incredible building. You can get connected to each stage of this fascinating journey that we have the privilege of seeing in our lifetime and experience at any time we put our attention on the Murti.

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As with all vibrational stories, the vibration is the start of the journey - the medium through which it moves from the subtle form to physical reality and there is no doubt that the vibration of the GuruShakti Dham will manifest into that sacred building.

Let us do all we can to quickly reach the time when we can sit there, immerse ourselves in the experience and feel our soul’s joy, happiness and peace.


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