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Project 'Build a Future' - a space within the earth

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Week 6 – 9-15 December (see our gallery of week 6 below)

The construction of this unique Guru Shakti Dham continues at a good pace despite the rains and shorter daylight hours. The construction of the lower surroundings walls of the main building substructure, below the damp course, has begun. The surrounding ground levels will be raised to meet the blockwork.

There’s also a very special addition to the construction phase. With Swamiji’s guidance a special underground Chamber is now being constructed directly below the plinth and Murti. This is in keeping with the Samarpan Ashram construction models. You can see in the pictures that the chamber has been excavated ready to receive the concrete base.

Read about the Chamber in our post - The underground Chamber - a vibrational powerhouse

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Gallery week 6


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