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Project ‘Build a future’ – a space of beauty and light

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"Unique architecture, designed with very little metal and needing no pillar supports, to create a spacious, light space for free flowing vibrations..."

Week 3 –18-24 November

We had the blessing of more rain this week (!) but, despite this, the concrete strip foundation that carries the blockwork was started by removing the soil and stone. This uncovered the strip foundation that had been installed previously and pockets have been cut into this to form pad foundations that will carry the weight of the Glulam beam frame and roof. 14 pockets need to be excavated and reinforced with steel starter bars which are resin fixed to the strip foundation.

A building made with very little metal

A unique factor in the design of the building was the need to avoid using metal as much as possible, which would interfere with the flow of vibrations emanating through the Murti and surroundings.

A structure made from Glulam beams was chosen for the main supports., Glulam is made from laminated timber and is the natural alternative to steel or concrete, with significant advantages over them. With glulam beams, we can create a larger and longer expanse than with normal sawn timber. It means we can achieve a beautiful voluminous space without the need for pillars, and with the structural strength to support the large dimensions of the roof and the glass pyramid.

Glulam is a natural structural material that is economical, strong and attractive. The beams are made from sustainable forests, with the manufacture, distribution and treatment of Glulam all consuming less energy than any other building materials. It is a long-lasting material that’s easy to work with.

Buckland Timber was settled on as the supplier in July and the order placed in early August, to be ready for installation when needed. Buckland have prepared the design, which involved input from our structural engineers, architect and building control; and they will supply, deliver and erect the beams.

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