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Project ‘Build a future’ – the sacred heart of the estate

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Week 2 – 11-17 November (see our gallery of week 2 below)

Our construction work for the meditation hall and public facilities continues this week and the foundation is being prepared as well as the structural support system for the Glulam timber framework. This is being built in preparation for installation next year. At the same time, the technical detailed drawings are being prepared for the tendering for the second phase of building work that will start early next year and see the walls and roof installed.

A short but important journey

Swamiji gave directions on how to keep the Murti safe during the months of construction work and on Monday 11 November, we received the services of the company that had carefully moved the Murti twice before, and they did so out of the generosity of their hearts, at no cost to Samarpan UK. The Murti is made of five metals and gilded, and is extremely heavy, but it was moved gently and successfully and has been stored on the estate according to Swamiji’s specific instructions.

On Wednesday, two volunteers came to the Ashram to carefully dismantle and store the Guru Shakti Dham cabin safely, to be installed elsewhere on the estate at a later time.

The foundation of 800 years of spiritual awakening

Heather Banks, our Phase 1 contractor, had considered options for repairing and improving the existing floor slab (foundation) so it could be enlarged to its full size and support the precious Meditation Hall for hundreds of years to come. However, they discovered through the investigations by bore hole some challenges with the way the slab had been laid and recommended removing the floor stab completely. This will also be more economical than repair.

This proved synchronistic, having gained permission last month to move the Murti. More importantly, it has meant that we can consider the inclusion of the special underground chamber, the Ghadisthan, where Swamiji will undertake his Anusthan (deep meditation) during the initiation of the building next October. We’ll be sharing more about this very soon.

The new foundation has been marked out to the planned size of the meditation hall and all of the necessary underground pipework and additional requirements for our building is being added at this stage. So a lot is going on underground at the moment!

It was a very wet week to say the least, but the workers continued with good humour, and being a little looked after by Jaya!

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