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Preparations for Stage 2 construction begin

We are thrilled to be preparing for Stage 2 of the construction of the GuruShakti Dham (Meditation Hall).

This stage will start with the installation of the block work, followed by the glulam timber beams, which will be the main support for the roof structure. The installation of the timber beams and roof structure, including the glass pyramid section, will begin once sufficient funds have been raised and this will give us a watertight structure. We’re due to begin towards the end of September with the setup of the site, the Health and Safety preparations, and other necessary facilities for the construction team.

You can read more about the story of the UK GuruShakti Dham and its unique design in our previous post.

Swamiji’s recent message below about the construction work of the Gurushakti Dham in India is just as relevant to us as we build this unique and vital space for all seekers of genuine spiritual experience and progress in life...

So now is the time to be a part of creating this spiritual legacy ~ for all those future seekers as well as for the benefit of our own personal progress ~ by connecting our positive intention, donations, efforts and prayers to the high vibrations of this remarkable energised Meditation space.

We invite you to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute whilst it is being constructed, and support our fundraising campaign www.justgiving.com


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