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*Peace in one's world* - watch it again

We hope you were able to join this wonderful experience to help spread awareness of Samarpan Meditation around the world to enable so many more people to share a meditation experience that is unique and of enormous benefit to all who take part. Many thousands registered for this Global Online Meditation event and, although we didn't make it to the world record this time, we believe many souls who were waiting to discover their path to inner peace, found it through this endeavour.

His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanandji led the event and shared from his heart. In His words "No matter what caste, what religion, what race, what language, what country you belong to; going into nature feels good because nature is not biased to anything. Similarly, after receiving this kind of [spiritual] experience you feel good because it also is not biased to anything."

Many of us around the UK linked in with the meditation and you can see a group of happy souls who met at the Samarpan Yog Ashram to join in too!

Watch Swamiji's online meditation again

If you missed Swamiji’s online meditation, or would like to watch it again, you can view it online.