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Peace in One's World 2018 - watch it again

You can watch the second Global Online Meditation 'Peace in One's World' on International Yoga Day 21 June with His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami again ~ and also continue with the meditation, supported every day as you obtain the benefit and the vibration of a group meditation, right from your own home, over a course of 45 days of collective online meditation sessions

These will run from 22 June to 5 August. If you like it and want to carry on meditating with a group, some of these sessions online will continue after the 45 days, and you can also go along to a local meditation centre.

To link to all the 45 day meditation sessions and find one at a time to suit you,

go to www.joincollectivityonline.com

Watch Swamiji's session again on the Journey2innerpeace Facebook page


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