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A space full of high vibrations

Watch on our YouTube channel

Watch our short video supporting our Samarpan Meditation UK fundraising campaign to build a special meditation hall which houses a focal point for high vibrations - one of several at connected energised sites around the world - where people can begin or deepen their journey in meditation and experience the inner transformation and the benefits that meditation can bring in life.

This focal point sits at the heart of Samarpan Ashram in the Nottinghamshire countryside, a vibrant place filled with pure vibrations and consciousness, which accelerates and deepens the journey within.

It is a place where anyone can come and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of peace, where meditation becomes easy.

We invite you to get connected with this project through your donations and contribute to the spiritual progress of many generations to come.

SUPPORT THE PROJECT through our fundraising campaign 'Build a Future' at www.justgiving.com/campaign/BuildaFuture

FIND OUT MORE about our development project in the UK and other ways to donate www.samarpanmeditationuk.org/development-project


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