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A unique super-structure – a groundbreaking design

Building a Future - creating a new world

Autumn 2019 witnessed the start of a construction project quite unique in its qualities and purpose. The dedicated intentions behind this project will ensure that the vibrational quality of this building, and the whole estate it is built on, will benefit generations of spiritual seekers.

Unique requirements for a unique purpose

The primary aim in constructing the building has been to use methods and materials that have a very good chance of lasting at least 800 years, that are easy to maintain by volunteers and, where necessary, have parts that are easily replaced. There are also environmental commitments, for future proofing and in the use of renewable resources.

It is with all of this in mind that we would like to tell the story of the UK Guru Shakti Dham.

The sacred heart of the estate

Samarpan Yog Meditation and Retreat Centre (Samarpan Ashram) is already established as a peaceful and powerful space, filled with positive vibrations.

Since 2015 a specially created statue (murti) that has been filled with pure vibrations has resided there - a statue connected energetically with others positioned strategically around the world. This energetic configuration is already providing a network of vibrations sufficient to grant self-realisation to those who come in front of any one of the statues with this desire secured firmly in their hearts. Each statue has been infused with spiritual consciousness (see Prana Pratistha) by Satguru Shivkrupanand Swami, where he remained with each individual statue during a 45 day period of Anushtan (deep meditation). This sacred practice was carried out for each statue with the aim of fulfilling the desires of many spiritual seekers around the world for the next 800 years.

A consciousness-raising matrix

It is easy to realise from the magnitude of this undertaking that a matrix of high vibrational energy will be formed and maintained that will yield direct results for the future generations who wish to realise their highest human potential. Swamiji has created this system under the instruction of his gurus in the Himalayas so that, in the future, people can experience the cleansing and transformative effect of being in the aura of a living guru's vibration, just by sitting in the proximity of the statue. This will make the experience of self-realisation and positive transformation accessible to many – truly a timely development for the 21st century.

The statues will increase in energy during the next 800 years as they will absorb energy from the natural world around them, steadily expanding and increasing the power that they emit. The need to preserve, maintain and develop this energy has meant that the buildings they are placed in need to meet certain requirements to ensure this aim.

A building without metal

Did you know that Swamiji’s wishes have been paramount throughout the design and construction and, because of this, many interesting solutions had to be found so that his wishes could be carried out.

Swamiji wanted a minimal use of ferrous metals in the entire building and no ferrous metals in the inner sanctum or Garba Griha above ground. Garbhagriha is the sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctuary where the murti (statue) resides. Literally the word means "womb chamber", from the Sanskrit words garbha for womb and griha for house.

Having no ferrous metal means that energies within the hall can flow without interruption and remain as pure as possible. This has been achieved throughout the structure of the entire building and only in the foundation itself are ferrous metals present.

The super-structure - the first of its kind

For longevity, strength (it’s stronger than steel!) and increased design capabilities, Glulam timber was chosen for the main support structure of the hall and glass pyramid roof.

Glulam Timber is made from layers of hard wood glued together to form the shapes required for the specific type of structural support needed. The design work was completed by Buckland Timber, a UK based company and sustainable hardwood was sourced from the UK for our project.

There were many considerations and challenges to surmount, as the size of the building is large enough to create a wide span that would ordinarily have required a significant system of steel support at least in one area of the structure. Using only Glulam timber, wooden dowel and a very ingenious design approved by rigorous structural engineering standards, the entire support structure throughout the hall is metal free.

This was a design feat that Liverpool University were very keen to solve for us but our Buckland Timber team were quicker! The Meditation hall is featured in a design article on the strength of this interesting solution.

(Read more about the advantages and benefits of glulam)

Natural light with elemental frequencies

The intention from the start has been to include a glass pyramid in the roof over the Garba Griha end of the Meditation Hall, This has also been an engineering feat, as it too needed each piece of the heavy glass to join together without the need for ferrous metal at the joins and pinnacle.

A pyramid roof is known to magnify universal energy for those who meditate within the building, helping them to connect with nature’s flow, bringing experiences of peacefulness and wellbeing.

As the research for the design progressed, it was clear that achieving this without metal would be extremely challenging - the weight of the glass and the width of the expanse through which light would enter the hall being the greatest challenges. After thorough investigation without success, alternative ideas were developed to create a pyramid art installation out of copper above a flat glass sheet, Determined not to give up on the glass pyramid idea, the project team approached Buckland Timber to develop a design using the same groundbreaking method of connecting the glulam timber beams without ferrous metal,

The frame will hold the large sheets of special acoustic glass. Acoustic glass is in layers for temperature control and sound proofing. The areas where glass meets timber will be clad with copper sheeting, a material that is frequently used in vibration and sound therapies for its healing properties.

What next?

There are many smaller projects that are part of the whole creation of the Meditation Hall and more fascinating stories to tell about this unique building, about the materials and methods that are being used to ensure the vibrations will be protected and increased. So keep a watch out for our other posts - there's much to this building than any of us realised when we first started this journey...

The structural and technical design work for all stages of the Meditation Hall and toilet block is now complete. We only need to keep building now!

Please help by supporting this important work - we will all be able to benefit from this amazing space in which to explore our own inner journey, and we will be leaving a valuable legacy for many future generations to receive the same profound benefits of self-realisation in their lives.

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