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Project 'Build a Future' - levelling the foundation

December 2, 2019


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Week 5 - 2-8 December (see our gallery of week 5 below)


This week the team was shuttering and re-concreting the strip foundations to level the site ready for blockwork. The weather continued to bless the site with rain throughout this process, but the sun always shone when the concrete was being poured.  The wall foundations now extended to a higher level and to the full hall specification. A slight increase in the height of the foundation means that the underground chamber won't be affected by the water table.


In the pictures you can see the larger square sections in the trenches. These are the foundations for the Glulam structural supports.


Heavy construction vehicles visited frequently bringing in building materials and concrete supplies. A professional tree surgeon came to carefully prune some branches in the driveway to allow access for the delivery vehicles.



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Gallery week 5







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