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Project 'Build a Future' - a strong foundation for a long-lasting building

November 25, 2019

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Week 4 – 25 November - 1 December (see the gallery of week 4 below)


We had more rain this week, which saturated the site, but the construction team worked through this to make sure the pad foundations, for the glulam beam super-structure to sit on, were dug and ready for inspection by Building Control.


The groundwork and preparations for the foundation have continued and now extend to the full Hall dimensions. The trenches have been created, framed and firmed up in preparation for the next stage of concrete filling.  There was a bit of work to do on the old swimming pool to fully de-commission and back fill, which will prevent standing water being an issue in the future.


There’s not much to show in the pictures, a lot of mud and water! However, a lot of work is going on behind the scenes on many aspects of the design, an important one being to research, design and cost the installation of the underground chamber.


Read more about the significance of this chamber, its unique purpose and how it is taking shape in our blog post The underground Chamber - a vibrational powerhouse


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