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Construction update for the Guru Shakti Dham/Meditation Hall

Our Fire Ceremony at the Ashram this month marked the 11th Anniversary of the arrival of the Murti (Energised statue) in the UK and initiated a year of concentrated effort towards the build and inauguration of the Guru Shakti Dham by Swamiji in October 2020.

It is Swamiji’s wish to inaugurate the Guru Shakti Dham when he comes to the UK next year and will spend time here throughout October 2020. So work moves on at a pace to meet this timescale. Below are the expected stages of construction, with a completion date estimated for *October 2020*.

  • The construction work will begin by extending the floor foundation to the required size for the entire building.

  • Before the installation of the main support structure, new concrete footings and changes to the existing foundation are needed. This includes digging holes and pouring concrete for the footings as well as cutting into the existing concrete slab.

  • The building main supports will be made of Glulam hardwood timber, which will be sourced over the coming months from manufacturers in either the UK or Europe. The costs for these specially shaped Glulam timber beams are currently being sought and the structural design for these supports is also underway.

  • Once these are purchased and delivered we will then be ready to start building the exterior walls and roof structure. This will include the manufacture of the large and beautiful glass pyramid lantern in the roof above the Murti.

  • Once the main concrete walls are in place, the intention is to use Sandstone blocks, cut to size to line the interior of the building, the same stone that is used in the Ajmer, Kutch and Dandi Ashram Guru Shakti Dham constructions. Costs to buy the Sandstone and ship directly from Rajasthan in India are now being obtained.

  • The marble to surround the plinth on which the Murti rests will also be sourced from Rajasthan

  • Swamiji recently gave new instructions for the design of the plinth and the Vishwa Chakra chamber, which is to be installed underneath the Murti.

There will be many other stages of construction and interior design, for example; the installation of the under floor heating, solar panels for the electricity supply, stained glass windows, wooden flooring, commissioning beautifully hand constructed doors appropriate for the front entrance to the hall, as well as the internal lobby doors leading into the meditation space. We will give more detail during the course of the coming year.

We invite everyone to connect with this invaluable and unique project that is being created not only for our own generation but for future generations and for many years to come to be able to experience the same inner awakening and transformation we receive now in the high vibrations of the Murti and welcome support in whatever ways feel appropriate. If you’d like to contribute financially, please make your donations using any of the methods listed below. To pledge a regular amount throughout the following 18 months specifically for this construction project please also use any of the methods listed below or contact the trustees directly to discuss your pledge.

  • Visit our donate pages for the ways to donate, including a link to our Just Giving campaign page, or transfer directly to the Trust using the bank details on that page

  • Donate directly to the Trust at your centre or when you visit the UK Ashram by giving your donation to a Trustee or your centre coordinator or the Ashram manager

  • Cheques made payable to Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Trust UK can be posted to the Ashram Samarpan Yog Meditation Centre Long Acre Hickling Pastures Melton Road LE14 3QG

  • Donations or pledges from international countries can be made using the international banking details on our website or contact the Trustees to discuss options by emailing uk@shivkrupanandji.net

When making a donation, please add your name and ‘GSD’ as the reference when transferring online or on the back of cheques or on the envelope in which cash is given. If no reference is provided, the funds will be used for the charitable aims of Samarpan Meditation UK at the discretion of the Trust. If you are a UK taxpayer and have not completed a gift aid form for us in the past, you can do so on our website, or by contacting us for a form.


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