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*New release* - Samarpan short stories

We've just released another of our Samarpan short videos ahead of Mental Health Awareness week in the UK. This time, Steve and Kelly share some of their experiences of meditation and spending time at the Samarpan Yog Meditation Centre.

“Meditation allows you to be less reactive in life…it is the tool that I use to bring me straight back into balance” Kelly

“When I could be having a crazy hard week with work…thoughts whirling through my mind, as soon as I arrive at the Ashram they tend to disappear”. Steve

Inner peace is possible thorugh meditation. The Ashram is open 7 days a week and welcomes anyone to spend time there, to learn and experience meditation and find inner peace. Find out more about visiting the Ashram and experiencing meditation for yourself.

Go to our Samarpan Meditation UK YouTube channel to see all our latest videos...


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