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Soulful connections and a journey inward

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Journey through the retreat with our photo gallery below.

It’s become quite a tradition for us to hold some form of Samarpan Meditation retreat as often as possible, but this year’s retreat was a step into a new direction for us.

Over several months last autumn a few determined volunteers sought out a venue that was affordable and fulfilled our needs and wishes, including a good internet connection. It wasn’t until Swamiji chose the dates though, that the options crystallised and, of the two available venues, we chose the one that could accommodate a larger number, the beautiful Combe Grove Manor. We knew that the Manor and all its facilities would be a different kind of retreat for us, it seemed an ideal opportunity to do something a bit different; to make the most of the venue and its incredible location and actively advertise the retreat widely, with a theme of the journey inward through meditation.

Our relationship with Combe Grove staff flowed from the start and we’ve had amazing support from them with arrangements, Samarpan Meditation being their first retreat, so a new adventure for them too. Their new yoga/meditation hall was still being built when we arrived for our first recce in February, but looking out across the valley at the extraordinary views; feeling surrounded by nature and the pleasant homeliness of the grand manor, there was a feeling of anticipation and promise. You can see our first visit photos in our March post.

On the morning before everyone’s arrival, Combe Grove held a quiet ceremony of blessing for the yoga hall, as a few of the staff and Samarpan volunteers made a mandala of plants and flowers from the gardens, accompanied by the sounds of the birds and a beautiful chant to drumming.

As people arrived, again and again we heard expressions of surprise and delight as people walked out of the hallway onto the terrace and gazed in awe across the valley vista. The unexpected sunshine and warmth brought with it a feeling of relaxation and peace as, one by one, we were absorbed into this extraordinary place and the high vibrations that were already flowing.

Samarpan Meditation had the whole venue for the weekend, and we were free to enjoy the leisure facilities; the outdoor pool in the sunshine, yoga on the lawn and a guided walk through the woodlands learning about the principles of perma-culture that they employ across the estate, were a particular treat.

The programme felt like a journey with meditation, from the quiet meditations together, supported by some gentle yoga sessions, to the unique experience of meditating with Swamiji and the sweet humour of Guruma’s session, both of which left us happy and uplifted. The evening of mantra chanting together, led by ‘Illumina’, who helped us embrace the sound within us, filled the evening with song. This culminated in a simple fire ceremony around a fire pit on the terrace lawn overlooking the valley, with the rose-tinted full moon shining upon us. It was truly magical.

Planning for next year’s retreat at Combe Grove Manor has started – so keep a look out on our diary page! We hope many more will take this opportunity to go deeper into their journey inward through meditation.

“It was indescribably so full of joy, such an amazing beautiful process” Dagdha

“We’ve been blessed by the weather, we’ve been blessed by the venue and blessed by all the beautiful souls we’re surrounded by” Sarah

“The retreat definitely exceeded my expectations...towards the end, it was quite evident the sense of connection that we developed among each other” Andre

“It was just magical, and it made me so happy” Neeraj


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