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Samarpan and Hanwell Wine Estate join forces to share Meditation

We were delighted to be welcomed to Hanwell Wine Estate between 16 January to 20 February, to use their fabulous venue to share Samarpan Meditation and we are truly grateful to William and Helenka Brown, the vineyard's owners, who have opened their doors to us so generously.

Hanwell Estate is within a short walk from the Ashram and Helenka has helped and supported this first set of teaching sessions that aimed to share Samarpan Meditation through a six-week series in a unique and user-friendly way.

You can see photos in the gallery below.

Hansa Heena Thoban, a teacher for many years and our recently appointed Education Manager, has been using her experience to develop connections within the local community, talking with schools and local groups to raise awareness of the Meditation and the Ashram through offering these courses.

This is also helping us meet our objectives as a charitable Trust, to contribute to an improvement in the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the community.

The course programme covers:

  • understanding of auric fields and chakras (energy fields) of the body;

  • the aura and how it develops through meditation and protects us;

  • the Guru (Spiritual Teacher) and his quest of Self-Realisation;

  • understanding Self-Realisation;

  • understanding of Murti (Energy Statue) and mediums of Samarpan Meditation;

  • relaxation and meditation; and

  • the work of Samarpan Ashram Yog Meditation Centre.

We had use of a spacious and warm classroom and participants were provided with refreshments, blankets, comfortable chairs. They helped with printing and publishing the course, which ran for five weeks at the Estate, with the sixth week being a visit to the Ashram, and an extra seventh week video discourse about self realisation. All the students received a certificate of completion.

Thank you!

We'd like to give a big thank you to Helenka Brown and Hanwell Wine Estate for welcoming us and helping to promote the meditation classes, and we look forward to the next course that will be running there in May. Find out more on our calendar


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