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Progress on development of the Meditation Hall

This year, along with all the other fundamental and facilities work undertaken at the Ashram, the building team have been researching and gaining professional advice on structural and building matters, including input from the Ashram construction team in India.

With Swamiji's suggestions and support, the entire design for the Meditation Hall ~ the Guru Shakti Dham ~ is now ready. He has given His blessings to continue with the process of refining the design, incorporating both the planning requirements and His wishes.

The next stage will be to determine the options for the materials to be used for the entire structure and to calculate the actual cost for the materials and building work based on the recommendations and any options that we have.

Once this is done, the building regulation drawings for the Guru Shakti Dham will be finalised and, when we have sufficient funds, the building team will be able to proceed with the construction of this unique and very special building.

Please take a look at the drawings so you can get an idea of what Swamiji and the architect have been creating as a home for the Guru Murti ~ the energised Statue through which the experience of spiritual awakening and inner connection through Samarpan Meditation will continue for many generations to come.


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