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Create, Share, Smile

We are pleased to share this new leaflet that has been blessed by Swamiji and is a simple introduction to inspire further enquiry. Download the electronic interactive leaflet and share it by email, whatsapp etc, with friends and acquaintances, or anyone who may be interested in meditation. You can also pick up some ready printed for sharing and distributing generally from your local area representative and from the Ashram.

We’d love your input, ideas, skills and passion

We're keen to keep creating quality resources that we can all use to share the gift of Samarpan Meditation, and in a variety of ways that works best for the audience and situation.

We’re looking for ideas or any content you might have that you’ve created in the past for Samarpan, which could be adapted into flyers and posters, leaflets or videos and campaign material ~ you don’t need to know how to do it, but it would be valuable to centralise this information and pass it to those who can. Please get in touch with the Trustees to pass it on.

We’d like to create a selection of templates in different formats, to introduce people to Samarpan in ways that meet the need or situation (in the workplace, local community, schools/universities, introductory talks/dvds etc). As well as leaflets, the content we all develop will also be invaluable in creating videos for sharing Samarpan, both at events and through social media where many people now get their information. The YouTube channel that is developing will be a wonderful resource for these videos and to be able to point people towards a particular suitable video for more information.

Do you have writing, design, video or photography skills, work comfortably with social media or are familiar with or have access to creative or editing technology, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Animoto, Photoshop, Canva or others? Maybe you'd like to get involved with the marketing team to create resources for Samarpan? If so, please let us know. Connecting souls

We have been gathering some ideas and had a fabulous brain-storming and sharing session at the Ashram last weekend with volunteers, to support the next stage of Guru Shakti Dham build and connect many souls to the vibrations. We'll be sharing more on that very soon, but the skills above will also help support this.

We really look forward to hearing from you...


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