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Island of St David

"Ramsey enshrouded by the sea mist; the view clears, there are no thoughts" ~ Linda

August saw another mini-retreat in Stackpole, with Wales' blessing of rain this time, but nothing dampened the beauty of the time meditating and being together in nature.

If you enjoy long walks and being outdoors, there's a 'Wild Nature' retreat planned for 19-21 October (see the calendar for details).

Here, we share some experiences of this particular retreat.

"A homely place filled with vibrations, simplicity and lots of wood carvings! Fresh, wholesome food, and good company. I experienced inner silence in the first meditation there." ~ Liz

"I’m definitely coming back!" ~ Naman

"There were eight at the mini-retreat this time, from London, Cheltenham, Somerset, Cardiff and Pembroke along with a friendly dog! With two (plus the dog) camping in the garden, the venue comfortably accommodated everyone.

The highlight of the Retreat was our trip to Ramsey Island that happened to fall on the 18th of 8th 2018 (we also saw 8 seals in a secluded bay!)

The Welsh name for the Island is “Island of St David” and each visit to that sacred Island has been a new experience. While waiting for the boat, we were enveloped by a sea mist and Ramsey mysteriously vanished from view! On our arrival, the mist turned into light rain and then even parts of the Island would disappear and reappear in the low cloud. For much of our visit, even mainland Wales ceased to exist from view and everyone was overjoyed simply to be there and a part of this natural spectacle.

We wandered to a hill and meditated in the misty rain and continued our walk around the island. We saw black seals and Atlantic grey seals bobbing in the sea. After our picnic lunch, we read from ‘The best of Samarpan’, a discourse from 2006 on the different stages we experience on our journey through Samarpan.

Climbing a hill, the mist poured in again and the Island in its entirety vanished from all around us! We returned to the venue full of energy and nice experiences.

With the summer evenings drawing darker a little earlier, we had bonfire in the garden; the fire illuminating the plants and trees and the happy faces of everyone.

Sunday morning – meditation, breakfast in silence, followed by a circle reading from Swamiji’s teachings on ‘Our Soul’ and then a silent walk into the woods alongside the beautiful lakes and to the sea. We meditated on the edge of the sand dunes looking out over Broad Haven beach for a while, walked along the clifftops to Barafundel beach and every one either paddled or swam in the pure and clear sea waters.

We shared a late lunch, tidied the venue and everyone left for their homes full of vibrations!

Thank you Swamiji for taking care of us all!

~ Anthony

"It was very lovely, unique experience for me and I loved every minute of it ~ Indu.

"It was my first time at a retreat alone. From the moment I stepped in the door I was made to feel very welcome by Anthony. Thank you kindly for your warm welcome, the hospitality and friendliness of all was very much appreciated. The surroundings are very peaceful and it gave me space from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced life that I live in London every day. The silent mornings were quite enlightening and the location with the beach so nearby, is perfect. The silent meditation in a group is easier then alone and circle readings are great and relaxing. The day trip to Ramsay Island was amazing even on a cloudy day. Thoroughly enjoyed the walks and meditation on the island was surreal! I had an amazing time, with the wonderful souls, lovely energy, beautiful place, it was a home from home and I came away with happy memories and a blissful state of mind! Namaste

~ Smita

"Every retreat at Anthony's was like a ladder to me. Every time I was going up the ladder not knowing how far I have to climb? This retreat was towards completion of climbing the steps of a ladder!!

I felt lightness, peace within and out. It was a Complete Bliss of Guru energy's.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and Soul to Anthony for organising all these retreats and all the Guru energy's for showering such a beautiful atmosphere in Nature where we can all collectively progress on our spiritual path.

~ Pritam



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