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Meditation at the Samarpan Ashram, UK and nature's glory

"...just bring your physical body here for three days...in collectivity...then what is to happen will happen automatically..."

The Full Moon today concludes a three-day constellation and coincides with the beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan, that marks the bond of protection for all. In celebrating this special event a three-day shibir (meditation workshop) has been going on at the Ashram.

Here we share the experience of an attendee on the first day of the meditation workshop…

"The first day brought together a beautiful soul collectivity of meditators from London, Leicester, Gloucestershire and Germany. Most of us from Leicester had left from our homes early to arrive on time and, despite the Friday early evening traffic and road diversion, with commuters travelling for the long bank holiday long weekend, we got to the Ashram just in time. Whilst in traffic on a sunny day we could see very dark clouds far in the distance. Then, 10 minutes away from the Ashram the heavens opened up to heavy rain – we felt HIS shower of blessings. When the shibir started the rain quieted down. The energy was very strong and the eyes closed. Some half hour later eyes opened to a glow in the room...I looked around and most had their eyes closed, I looked out to the window as if nature was calling... with the gentle rain and glow in the sky I saw part of a rainbow. I quietly left the room to be with nature and its glory! Once back in the shibir...I felt a message to share…

~Meditate with this collectivity for the rest of the three days as souls. Join this collectivity at the Ashram. If you can't physically visit then meditate at 7pm and connect with the subtle energy of the Statue and the collectivity at the Ashram. At the end of the shibir..I felt the heart light up because when Swamiji did namaskar to end the shibir he continued after to say, "just bring your physical body here for three days...in collectivity...then what is to happen will happen automatically..." At the beginning of 2018, Swamiji set his focus for this year to be the year of "protection" for the public forces. We are also connecting on this special Full Moon day representing love and protection for all. Just visit the Ashram during these days and afterwards to feel the boundless love and inner bliss here."

Love and Light


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