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Samarpan Meditation at the Maha Mela, Queensbury, London

Sixteen volunteers braved the weather in Queensbury, London today to share Samarpan Meditation with visitors to the Gujarat Maha Mela ('great gathering' or 'meet' in Sanskrit), celebrating India’s independence.

During the day, The Right Honourable Bob Blackman MP for Harrow East visited the Samarpan Meditation stand and talked with us; and a little later the Mayor of Brent and guests also visited the stand.

The event was held in the park very close to the venue where the Queensbury meditation centre meets, and it proved to be an excellent opportunity to promote the Meditation locally and share our personal experiences of meditation and its benefits with people. We invited everyone who was interested to visit the Queensbury Centre to attend an ‘Introduction to Samarpan Meditation’ workshop on 13 September.

It has been a great day together, sharing the gift that is Samarpan Meditation, and a really enjoyable experience for all of us.

Queensbury Centre