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Connecting the world to our mission

June 25, 2018

"Connecting people is a method of propagation, a method of performing gurukarya...our objective is not to collect money, but to connect him to that place (Guru Shakti Dham)...Many of our near and dear ones are not connected to this, but they are our beloved people. So, why don't you connect those beloved people to the good work? They too will develop automatically as the development of the good work takes place." (Chaitanya Mega event discourse 8 Nov 2018 ~ Madhuchaitanya magazine Jan-Feb 2018)





On Saturday, we were delighted to launch a Samarpan Meditation booklet specifically designed to support fundraising, as another resource for sharing Samarpan and connecting people with the good work of creating the Guru Shakti Dham ~ Meditation Hall (you can read more about the current work on this below).


We now have several new resources ~ the booklet, this UK website, our new JustGiving pages,  JustTextGiving facility and wallet info cards, to go with the Paypal and card payment facilities. We hope they will help everyone who is passionate about Swamiji's mission to take every opportunity to extend to our families, friends, colleagues and the wider world, the precious gift of getting connected in one's lifetime to work that is filled with the pure vibrations of universal consciousness. 

These resources, which have been seen and blessed by Swamiji, seek to share our aims and mission and offer quick and easy donation methods in a way that people recognise and trust.

Links to e-copies and details of how to get hold of printed copies are below; and all the ways people can support this work and donate are on our Get involved page.


Current work on the Guru Shakti Dham ~ Meditation Hall

Over the past few months, some Ashram Committee members and Trustees have been researching and developing plans for the inner sacred space where the energised Statue will sit, within the Meditation Hall itself.  This included looking at suitable stone, taking ideas from styles and shapes of other sacred buildings and sharing initials drawings and photos with Swamiji at a meeting after the Shirdi mega-event, for his guidance.  

This work is the next phase of building the Meditation Hall, and an expert builder spent a day at the Ashram with us to consider building requirements and aspects of practical and aesthetic design to integrate the 'Garbha Griha' ~ the 'inner sanctum' into the main Hall. 


Next steps 

The funds that are being donated for the Guru Shakti Dham currently, will go towards creating this very special space around the Statue and we really want everyone to feel a part of this unique work.


You can help us build momentum for the fundraising campaign. We are asking if you would :

  • make a small donation on JustGiving and share a message of support so the wider public can see how important this work is, both for now and for the many generations to come, and how passionately we all support it;

  • share the opportunity of giving to as many people as possible;

  • 'like' the website and share it with friends and on social media;

  • do your own fundraising activity, no matter how small ~ like a craft sale, social night, raffle, sponsored activity etc.

  • support the organised Samarpan events for fundraising; and

  • hold this important work in your prayers and good wishes



Contact the Trustees for printed copies of the fundraising booklet and wallet info card


Fundraising booklet ~ interactive e-copy














Wallet-size info card - double sided portrait













WhatsApp interactive 'Share our JustGiving campaign' infographic






















WhatsApp interactive 'Help Samarpan Meditation do more' infographic

































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