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New signage ~ Samarpan Meditation this way!

As part of this special celebration day of 10 years since the arrival in the UK and consecration of the second energised Statue, the sign board marking the entrance way into the Samarpan Yog Ashram has been erected and inaugurated. Following a careful process of planning permission and engagement with the neighbours, the sign is now in place and Ashram Committee members, Trustees, volunteers and visitors from the UK and abroad were there to witness it.

Several years ago, Swamiji asked us all to find a place for the Ashram that belongs to Samarpan and put up a sign across the entrance, even if it is a small dwelling, and this act of erecting the sign will generate great progress in Samarpan Meditation in the UK. Naming and establishing that name is a deeply spiritual act ~ we are publicly declaring 'Samarpan Meditation is here!' Today marks another significant step forward for Samarpan Meditation and our collective wish to share the wonderful inner experience of the soul through meditation.

Only a few weeks ago, the old, small 'Long Acre' sign strangely disappeared ~ it needed to move anyway, but maybe the guru energies were preparing the way for the new signage!

Please come and enjoy spending time at the Ashram. It is truly beautiful at this time of year, when the vibrations of consciousness to be experience here are enhanced by a garden exploding in colour and the long warm days of this solstice period. We also now have a vegetable garden!


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