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Celebration planting – National Tree Week

Nature has a central place in the Ashram and is at the heart of Samarpan meditation, and each tree, hedge, shrub, bush and flower growing there is a blessing - with its own unique character and beauty that supports and enhances our meditation, well-being and vitality.

It was with that understanding and the delivery of our young sapling trees from the Woodland Trust in November that National Tree week was celebrated at the Ashram by the planting of two trees ~ an English Field Maple and an Alder tree. Along with the gift of these trees for our Ashram site, a donation was given of £400, designated for use on the Ashram itself.

We have many beautiful trees, bushes and hedges growing at the Ashram site and we will share with you some of their attributes in forthcoming newsletters. The qualities of the Maple and Alder trees planted are described below.

Alder tree cones

These beautiful trees are not only a gift to the Ashram and all who spend time there, but a celebration of two marriages that took place earlier this year ~ that of Thom and Flic, who were married in East London on 19 August 2017 and Jeremy and Frances, who were married in Santa Monica, USA on 21 October 2017. Their commitment as couples to one another is doubly blessed by the planting of the Alder and Maple on this consecrated land. Symbolically the trees represent qualities that will contribute to the harmony and the partnership of the couples for their lives ahead.

The Maple tree represents the equal balance of male and female energy and is a sacred tree associated with the elements of water and spirit. The great horned owl is the sacred bird related to this tree. The Maple tree also represents travel and seeking, healing, acquiring knowledge and the ability to communicate. Beauty and abundance are qualities associated with this tree; and it has been used to draw out love and gold. The Maple tree is said to radiate a Divine light that showers sweetness and strength upon us simultaneously. Its male qualities offer shelter to us as a form of protection rather than defence and its female qualities offer sanctuary to recharge and to heal.

The Alder tree is considered by the Celts to be sacred, to enhance charismatic qualities and to protect and give guidance on life’s journeys. Self-confidence and bravery are also attributes of the Alder tree and to be in its proximity will awaken spiritual growth and progress. The Alder tree is said to extend a protective sheath around it against any unwanted energies. It represents faith in action and renewal of inner strength. To be seated underneath the Alder tree will enhance your creativity. The tree restores the nutrients back into the soil around it and it attracts and feeds the first bees and birds of the year.


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