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What a great year 2017 has been...

Now, as we prepare to say goodbye to this 2017 year and welcome a brand new year full of exciting challenges and surprises (more on that soon), it’s the perfect time to reflect. At our meeting in November, we shared just how much work has taken place this year across the UK and gave an outline of our plans for 2018. You can get a feel for this in our picture gallery below. (*If you would like a copy of the minutes and full slides from the meeting, please feel free to get in touch.)

Whilst we have all had a fair number of accomplishments in 2017, we now move into 2018 with confidence and the blessing of the Guru’s grace and embrace our biggest challenge over the 2018/2019 years ~ and that is to build our Guru Shakti Dham ~ the home of the living spiritual energies.

To end 2017, we'll leave you with an extract from Swamiji's message after establishing the Living Energy Statue at the Ashram on 1 July 2016...

“…I make an appeal to all sadhaks [meditators] to extend their support towards its [Guru Shakti Dham] creation. Since this is being created during your lifetime you and only you have been given the opportunity to contribute to its formation. The future generations will not have the same opportunity. This holy place will become a focal point towards establishing world peace.”

Wishing everyone much joy, laughter and spiritual progress in 2018.


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