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15 Samarpan Ashram outdoor projects in pictures…

“That labourer who is digging the soil, his attention is constantly focused on the soil.

He will experience great clearance because his attention is focused on the earth and the earth due to its gravitational force, absorbs all his negativity”

H H Shree Shivkrupanand Swami

Throughout the past months there's been much digging, sowing, building, mending, painting, cleaning and planning ~ there's a lot of work that has been accomplished by some hard-working volunteers! Some of the work is obvious to anyone going to the Ashram, but much is done quietly and doesn't get noticed, so we'd really like to recognise their consistent efforts as, without them, progress would be very slow indeed.

See the picture gallery below of 15 outdoor projects over the past months…

Forthcoming projects

There is always much work to be done, and it's the small but constant steps that keep moving the work forward – and it’s always best done through the many hands and hearts of our Samarpan community, who contribute their love, passion and heartfelt wish to each part of the work.

Here are some forthcoming projects for the next few months that you can get involved in…

  • Wild flower meadow preparation for sowing ~ this has been through a process of clearing and the weeds are in a dormant state so another round of clearing of half of the area is needed this autumn before sowing can take place. Then further clearing of the other half for sowing in the spring. We now have the use of the rotavator on site to help us with this work and we just pay for when we use it.

Here are some comments from people who have worked on this:

“ What a wonderful experience; my hands were in the soil and I was totally connected to nature. In the proximity of Swamiji’s kutir and the Gurumurti and nature there’s nothing else like it. There were no thoughts and I didn’t want to stop”.

“I was there and it was happening, for hours I was digging into the soil, clearing the space – no thoughts”

  • Clearing for hedge planting

  • Clearing weeds to compost area – this will help us to reduce the need to buy compost for our planting projects

  • Re-construction of a shed roof using polycarbonate

  • Construction of a wooden bench to be placed in the green house for placing seed trays on to grow our own plants from seed. This would go across the exact width of the back of the greenhouse. Are there any carpenters out there that would like to spend a bit of time at the Ashram and create this bench?

  • Creating raised growing spaces on the far-side of the paddock using Hugelkultur – a composting process used to encourage wildlife and grow fruit vegetables and herbs and flowers

  • Fence making for Guru Shakti Dham

  • Fence making for Swamiji’s Kutir (the spring time)

  • Tree planting – (spring time)

  • Second 'overspill' car parking area:

  • Phase 1: Clearing the area and covering to prevent re-growth

  • Phase 2: Marking out the bays and creating the border area around the whole car park

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these projects or would like to contribute trees, plants, shrubs or hedging/bushes to the Samarpan Ashram...

Please contact:

Carrie: 07915292944 carriebdon@yahoo.co.uk

Steve: 07970988517 stevenkerrywise@gmail.com

For ways to donate go to our donations page:

Please designate your donations as follows:

  • For anything

  • For the construction of the Meditation Hall and Guru Shakti Dham

  • For gardening and other outdoor projects

  • For upkeep and maintenance of the Ashram and bungalow

15 Ashram projects ~ click on the pictures to read what is happening in them...


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