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Fun, Funds and fundraising

We've been taking a look back over the past few months and the many ways our Samarpan community have shared their good feeling and commitment to Swamiji’s vision for the Samarpan Yog Ashram and for his gift of Samarpan meditation. The enthusiasm, the passion and love shown for this work is huge.

Individual and collective contributions from within the UK and also from our international friends are slowly building the fund for the Meditation Hall and ‘Guru Shakti Dham’ and the current work of planning, design and preparation to provide necessary facilities on the estate, such as a toilet block, additional car parking, lighting and landscaping.

A few highlights

On 9 September volunteers, supported by Lila Pabari our Fundraising Coordinator, organised a Samarpan walk and picnic for London Samarpan centres at National Forestry Commission's Wendover Woods in Aylesbury and Leicester Samarpan centres joined in with a group walk at Watermead Park in Leicester.

They were a great opportunity to spend time together connecting with nature, meditating and, as you can see from the pictures below, a little bit of yoga practice on the grass!

Thanks to everyone who joined in or supported, raising in the region of £1,400, which is ear-marked to go towards the cost of the design and build for the toilet block along with funds raised for Samarpan at the London music concert on 12 November.

Two fire ceremonies were facilitated by Kirit Joshi (Leicester), the first in London on 11 June arranged by Lila and London volunteers, and the second on Guru Purnima 9 July at the Samarpan Yog Ashram, both beautifully arranged and well attended, and helped to raise £1225.

The Gift aid tax rebate for the tax year 2015 was received from HMRC in June and July, totalling £15,600. Gift aid is so valuable to Samarpan year on year, and we thank those who have signed up to the scheme.

Earlier this year we applied for council tax relief and were awarded 80% relief on Long Acre with a rebate of £12,600 received in July. We now only pay 20% of the total council tax each year.

Our ‘keepers of the estate’

We continue to receive an amount of regular monthly contributions by standing order. These donors, the ‘keepers of the estate’, provide a vital gurukarya (spiritual service) to keep the Ashram running every month, providing a home for the precious Living Energy Statue and high spiritual vibrations for the whole of Europe and enabling people to spend time there free of charge. If you’d like to make a donation or become a ‘keeper’ through monthly donations to the Ashram’s upkeep, see our donation page to make online donations and standing orders

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’d particularly like to say a big thank you though, to all those who continue to quietly contribute, whether financial, giving service, prayer or simply a positive attitude in supporting the work being done - and the work yet to be done. Of course, our greatest thanks and honour goes to Swamiji, who is our motivation and makes all of this possible.

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