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Clearing, revitalising and spreading the seeds of joy!

Over the past few weeks volunteers have been working hard at our Samarpan Ashram ahead of the special time of Guru Purnima.

The huge task of clearing the land to the rear of the estate has been moving ahead quite quickly. The time has been right to clear the ground around Swamiji's kutir (cottage) and the whole back area of rubble and weeds. The Guru energies were truly with this project as everything fell into place swiftly and beautifully.

The project has been overseen by the Ashram Committee construction team and Head of Gardening and, although large equipment had to be brought in to do the job, it was done with great care and attention. The ground has been cleared of weeds and masonry; it has been ploughed, levelled and rotovated ready for seed sowing. A protective bank of earth has been raised across the back boundary to shelter the estate and make a more attractive view. This will be planted with trees and grasses and will create a lovely environment.

We have to submit a full landscape plan to the Council fairly soon, and it was decided that the most cost effective and low maintenance option for now is a wildflower meadow. The seeds will be sown at the beginning of September.

Please come and visit, and enjoy the benefits of the ongoing improvements at the Ashram and the fresh, joyful feeling it is bringing.

We’d like everyone to feel that they’ve helped to make these changes.

It’s so easy to be a part of it. For instance, would you like to buy some of the seeds that will be spread to make a wildflower meadow at the Ashram?

It has cost £2.20 per square metre. Can you fund a square metre of this worthy work?

You can give by Paypal, or by cheque or bank transfer to:

Account Name: Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Trust UK

Account No: 21834960

Sort Code: 30 84 23

Here are some more pictures, before and during the work...


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