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First anniversary of establishment of the Living Energy Statue at its permanent home

Today, two scented Jasmine’s, the ‘queen of flowers’, were planted at the Samarpan Yog Centre (Ashram) around Swamiji’s cottage. The name, Jasmine, comes from the ancient Persian meaning ‘Gift of God’ so it is a fitting symbol for the wonderful gift of the Energy Statue that has been placed in our care.

In Carrie’s words…

“At 7am, we gathered around the Guru Shakti Dham cabin as the pujaris performed Abishek (cleansing process) for the Living Energy Statue and all of us joined in singing the Aarti (Fire song).

Just seven of us enjoyed this beautiful experience and, even though we were standing barefoot in the puddles in the rain and the wind was howling all around us, the trees were swaying elegantly back and forth as if they were dancing. Tea and a breakfast in the conservatory was most welcome!

By 8am the rain had reduced to a light drizzle as we all walked down to Swamiji’s cottage armed with a wheelbarrow full of soil and the two new highly fragrant Jasmine plants. Everyone helped with the potting up, especially helped by the high vibrations and lots of photos were taken to mark the event.

We sang some beautiful words of thanks to the accompaniment of bird song and hearts filled with love. What with the wind, the dancing trees, the rain and the clouds rushing across the sky, it felt as if the whole of nature was joining with us in gratitude for nine years of the European Living Energy Statue’s presence in the UK.”

Carrie Ebdon


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