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Meeting with our architect

Some of the Trustees and members of the Ashram Committee construction team met with the architect this week to talk about next steps. His priority for us was to go through the planning permission recently granted and identify what we need to do to show that we are complying with the permission so that we can sign off on all of the requirements with the Borough Council. These are things that need to be done before any development work can begin, such as improving the driveway surface, but they also include adhering to the maximum numbers of people and cars that can be on site at any one time, or sleep in the bungalow.

As part of the permission granted, the Council instructed that the over spill car park should be located a bit differently to the original plans and the amended plan for the site is below.

We now need to prepare a detailed landscaping scheme for the whole estate, including any pathways, lawns, trees, flower beds, rockeries and any specific features we want to add, including a plan for the external lighting on the site, all of which the Council will need to approve. We also need to agree the toilet block plans, with specific attention to the accessible toilet and parking bay.

The Trustees and Committee are excited to be working together to prepare the draft plans for the estate's natural features over the next month or so, which we will share with Swamiji. Following this the architect will prepare the final scaled drawings for submission to the Council.

If you have any ideas or contributions, please do let us know - we value everyone's input and any skills or contribution you have to offer. Although it will help to keep the costs down by doing a lot of the research and preparation of the plans ourselves, there will still be a cost to this stage of progress. We need to ensure everything is done properly and sensitively. You can contribute to this stage of progress with a donation specifically to help this work along. Please get in touch if you'd like to support this design stage in any way.


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