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A last minute opportunity, turned to good.

At very short notice, Samarpan Meditation was offered a free stand at the Asian Wedding Exhibition in Birmingham and, to their credit, Ragini Chavda, Sushila Parmar, Neha Tank (from Leicester) and Priya Gohil (from London) went to promote Samarpan Meditation at the Exhibition

The event took place at Manor Grove, a new building and this is was the first event taking place. The Exhibition was a small scaled event but very professionally organised and lots of glamour and glitz.

In Ragini's words, "We ladies turned up at the venue just after everyone had set their stalls and we got a place in the sun near very large windows. With the sun shining from the back of our set up, it felt like the flow of energy was going to do its magic. We had about a dozen visits to the Samarpan Meditation stand that showed interest. We also used the opportunity to share with visitors the details of the first Samarpan Meditation DVD workshop taking place in Birmingham starting on Tuesday 4th April 2017."

Ragini Chavda with Balbir Kaur will be going to support the Birmingham meditators on the first introduction day of the Samarpan Meditation DVD workshop.

Here is a group photograph of us at the stall, to be published in the Asian wedding magazine (An extremely popular Magazine).