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FUNDRAISING FIRE CEREMONY - Sunday 21 February 2021


13.30 (London GMT)

(find your time)

Our second Fire ceremony is another opportunity to become immersed in the cleansing energies of a sacred practice with the fire element.


  • invite gratitude into your heart through these positive mantras. 

  • connect with this powerful element to clear and cleanse your aura and personal space,

  • donate through the spirit of the fire ceremony and build a transformational space

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Meeting ID: 881 8059 9545

Passcode: fire

Recommended donation of £11 or more

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More information to follow soon...check back for updates.

Dates for next Fire Ceremonies

  • 21 March 2021


More dates to follow


Use this fire ceremony to energetically press your inner reset button.

The purifying fire element can create the shift in consciousness to help you let go of what no longer serves you in your life.  It is a tool of manifestation - it supports you in moving into the space where you can fulfil your dreams and open up to your true life’s path


Make this a monthly spiritual practice for 2021

Each month you can make an inner commitment to join this powerful energetic field and connect with the good intentions of others. Together we can support the planet as it goes through its own clearing process to allow the widespread and positive universal changes to take place.  Maintain your spiritual commitment for 2021 and keep your sadhana going. Each time you join you are supporting your own well-being, and contributing to the well-being of many other spiritual seekers now and in the future.


Support our mission for change

The Fundraising Fire Ceremonies have a dual purpose – they also support the construction of the GuruShakti Dham (special Meditation space) and we are thrilled at the generous donations given at the first Ceremony last month - you raised over £1800! 

When you make a donation to help create this peaceful and high vibrational building you are making a commitment to yourself and to future generations for inner peace and spiritual progress.


Be part of this legacy for mankind and at the same time step in and create the future that you have always wanted for yourself.  Put your conscious energy on this sacred ceremony and get ready to experience the shift into freedom knowing that for you it has already begun.

Due to lockdown, the fire ceremony was broadcast from our 'pujari's' home, not from the Samarpan Yog Ashram.

ONLINE YOGA SESSIONS - WEEKLY (Monday, Saturday, Sunday)


Join Samarpan Meditation for an online Yoga session with Maitri Gajjar Shah 

This is a fundraising event for the construction of the GuruShakti Dham in the U.K. 

Recommended donation of £5

08:00 to 09:00 - Mondays
06:00 to 07:00 - Saturdays
06:00 to 07:00 - Sundays

Times shown are UK GMT

(find your time)

Don't miss a session - download and import the iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.: 


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Meeting ID: 824 0455 4591
Passcode: Moksha


Recommended donation of £5


Find out more about the project and CLICK TO DONATE (there are several ways shown here)

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