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Samarpan Yog Ashram

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19:00-21:00 every month

Full Moon Meditation every month - Samarpan Yog Ashram centre (temporarily postponed)

Join us for meditation with one of Swamiji's powerful teaching DVDs on the full moon night every month at the Samarpan Yog Ashram. The full moon is a time of increased vibration and is a beneficial time for meditating together.  Please contact Jaya to confirm date and register to attend.

Venue: Samarpan Yog Ashram, Long Acre, Melton Road, Hickling Pastures, Melton, LE14 5QG

Contact for more information and to register:  Jaya - call or text on 01949 81103, or WhatsApp on 07442 630007.

Every Thursday and Saturday 13.00-15.00

Free Meditation classes - Samarpan Ashram Yog Meditation Centre (temporarily postponed)

​Meditation is an ancient and universal technique that clears our mind and connects our inner energy to the Universal Energy, leading to pure joy of being one with Universal Consciousness and the experience of inner peace and happiness. 


Some the benefits of meditation include: 

* a feeling of inner joy and satisfaction 

* a more positive outlook to life

* a deeper spiritual connection and genuine peace 

* manage stress and tension

* more energy and motivation 


We welcome individuals and small groups to come and experience meditation. 


Every Thursday and Saturday at 13.00 - 15.00 ongoing 5 week or individual courses

Venue: Samarpan Ashram Yog Meditation Centre, Long Acre, Melton Road, Hickling Pastures, LE14 3QG

Please ring Jaya Pisavadia (Centre Manager) to book meditation class at the centre on 01949 81103 or WhatsApp on 07442 630007.

If you would like us to visit your group and teach meditation then please contact Hansa Heena Thoban (Education Manager) on 0194981103

13.00 every Friday

Learn how to meditate - free sessions for everyone - Leicester (temporarily postponed)

Meditation is a universal technique to clear the mind and connect with one’s inner self.  Samarpan meditation is a very simple and complete way of meditation. We have regular sessions were you can find out about:


What is meditation?

How to meditate?

Benefits of meditation

Learn about energy fields (chakras) of the body

What is Universal Consciousness and self realisation?

Find out how meditation can help children gain more focus and stay balanced

How and where to achieve self-realisation.

Benefits of regular and collective meditation

And much more........

These are FREE sessions and no booking is required. Regular taught sessions with an experienced meditator. Just come an join us. 


Starting:  Every Friday at 1pm

Venue:  Room 9, Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre, Rothley Street, Leicester, LE4 6LF

11am - 12pm Every Sunday

Online Meditation - in association with Jain Network

Open invitation to join and learn Samarpan Meditation in a supportive online experience hosted by Samarpan Meditation | Jain Network. Find out about the work of our two organisations to improve spiritual and general wellbeing of our communities.

For link to join and information contact Paras Meisheri 07894 982975.


Join Collectivity Online - Daily Peaceful Meditation and Weekly events

JoinCollectivityOnline.com is Samarpan's online meditation centre, providing meditation sessions, workshops and video introductions for countries around the world through an online webinar platform.  Based in the UK it is run by volunteers from the UK and several other countries and provides online facilities for sessions in several languages. The timings and links to the sessions can be found on the website for:

  • twice daily early morning Peaceful Samarpan Meditations;

  • daily evening Peaceful Samarpan Meditation; and

  • weekly evening meditation and discussion workshops. 

Anyone is welcome to connect, and join together for a meditation from home, and be a part of this friendly online community…

*INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA - Swamiji's Annual Global Online Teaching and Meditation Session*

Join founder of Samarpan Meditation, Satguru Shree Shivkrupanandji, as he shares a deep understanding of yoga beyond the physical asanas, and leads us on an inner journey to discover the peace, security and satisfaction that comes through meditation.

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02 Jul 2019

Gurupurnima 3 Day event - Teaching, meditation, cultural displays

'Guru Purnima' 3-5 July - Full moon celebrations - Online with Swamiji

Gurupurnima is an auspicious day in our Samarpan calendar where we get together around the world to honour and celebrate the source of wisdom who brought from the Himalaya's a way of connection to universal Consciousness through meditation, Satguru Shree Shivkrupanandji.  It is a 'Festival of Souls' that is held every year on the July full moon (purnima) ~ the full moon energy naturally amplifies the strong high vibrations that flow during this time and provides an ideal environment for progress in meditation and connection with our soul, our inner 'guru',

Register at www.world.shivkrupanandfoundation.org/register

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