"Your aura will develop gradually as you sit in isolation and meditate. After it develops, you will start obtaining happiness from within, you will start obtaining peace and satisfaction from within."




Developing the estate

We have a vision for a place where anyone can come and immerse themselves in a natural space, with beautiful gardens, sympathetic facilities and an atmosphere of peace. A space that gives rise to deep and meaningful inner experiences; for introspection and discovery ~ a place where meditation is easy.

For several years the Trust, Committee and many other volunteers have been working to bring that vision to reality. Due to generous donations and the volunteers’ unwavering faith in the project, along with the dedicated focus, preparation and research of the management team, Phase 1 of this project has been achieved ~ the property has been purchased, architectural designs and core planning requirements have been established and the foundation for the Meditation Hall laid. Phase 2 is also now almost complete as we finalise the detailed stage of planning and design of Meditation Hall.

With continued professional guidance from our Architect, Project Manager and building management team, this vision is successfully moving forward into Phase 3 as groundwork and construction begins and facilities develop alongside our 'Build a Future' Meditation Hall project

"If we succeed in connecting ourselves where there is an environment of thoughtlessness, then we will also experience the joy and peace within ourselves"

H.H. Shree Shivkrupanandji - Spiritual Truth


In harmony with nature

Samarpan Meditation comes from the Himalayas ~ from the very heart of nature ~ and its simplicity is that it connect us with nature. With meditation, our feeling of being a part of nature and connection with all of life increases, along with our awareness of the natural cycles of the universe.


As our connection with nature grow, so does our wellbeing, as we begin to experience the peacefulness of a natural state of mind ~ one that is free of thoughts. This is the beginning of meditation, and in the pure vibration of the Samarpan estate, meditation takes place easily.

"The aura of Samarpan Meditation has been formed in this place; all you require is an empty mind to participate in the meditation."

H.H. Shree Shivkrupanandji - Spiritual Truth


The 'Guru Shakti Dham' ~ Meditation Hall

To reflect these natural characteristics of meditation, the design of the hall and plan for the development of the estate is based on a simple, high quality, sensitively built environment, designed to support the meditative state. At the same time, our aim is to protect and enhance the natural environment, respecting the local biology and biodiversity and minimising our environmental impact as much as possible.

The estate is being specifically developed to take into account the special quality of Samarpan Meditation and its sacred centre ~ the energised Statue.  Alongside this, attractiveness in the rural environment, longevity and sustainability are all important to us. Careful research is ongoing to determine suitable solutions and natural materials for the facilities needed on the estate, including the Meditation Hall and its interior, to take the design to the next stage of development.

Within the Meditation Hall will be the 'Garbha Griha' ~ a sanctum sanctorum or sacred space ~ where the energised Statue resides. It will be built to have suitable characteristics to retain and amplify the high vibrations, and enhance the silence within the hall.

Another significant feature of the Hall will be a raised pyramid roof of glass, letting light shine onto the inner sacred space. A pyramid roof is known to magnify universal energy for those who meditate within the building, helping them to connect with nature’s flow, bringing experiences of peacefulness and wellbeing.


The development plan

Phase Two: Providing core facilities for visitors

-     Initial protective cabin as Gurba Griha

-     First stage toilet

-     Entrance signage

-     Landscape and lighting scheme

-     Detailed stage of design of Meditation Hall and preparations for tender and construction

Phase 3: Developing the estate plan

-     Meditation Hall groundworks, construction Autumn 2019-2020

-     Installation of Vishwa Chakra and Inauguration Oct 2020

-     Toilet and shower block Spring 2020

-     Additional car parking and landscaping scheme (pathways, lighting) trees and hedging and other improvements Summer 2020

Phase 4: The Meditation Hall

-     Meditation Hall completion and opening

-     Landscaping scheme completion

-     Permanent accommodation


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Landscaping and gardens

The estate already has established mature gardens but work to improve the gardens and landscaping across the estate will continue throughout the development and after building work is completed. This is a long term project needing careful preparation of the ground and thoughtful planting.

The Trust’s plan is that the plants that are introduced to the site are suitable indigenous species that support the natural balance of the site throughout the seasons, and have regard to the life cycle of the micro-organisms, creatures and birds that we share the estate with.

We aim to work with organic and environmental principles and practices in mind, that support the biodiversity of the estate, as we carry out the landscaping, natural development and maintenance work.