"Once one's mind moves inward, it will automatically become peaceful. It will get the depth of an ocean."



Meditation is a vast field with many practices and everyone comes to meditation for different reasons. Meditation is becoming better understood, through practices that help focus and quieten the mind.  But a relaxed body and a thought-free mind ~ although a wonderful feeling and powerful experience in itself ~ isn't the end point of meditation; it is the beginning of the extraordinary journey inward to discover treasures within.

What is Samarpan Meditation?


Samarpan Meditation is a way to turn inward, to discover the wealth of wellbeing, satisfaction and happiness that lies within each one of us.

It isn’t a religion or a philosophy. It’s not necessary to believe or disbelieve; just opening to the experience of our own hidden intelligence ~ the guru within ~ brings immeasurable benefits, no matter who we are, or what we believe.

Samarpan Meditation is very simple and based on the principle of inner experience. It is a spiritual practice of being with our ‘soul’ ~ the ‘guru’ within ~ our own higher intelligence. This inner experience is like no other ~ it is a gateway to personal transformation and authentic peace, happiness and satisfaction in life.

As we meditate, we begin to experience our attention being turned away from external things that disturb us and we connect to subtle, higher experiences. As we go deeper into the practice of ‘being with our soul’ then we start receiving guidance from within.

"Remain in the form of a soul for only 30 minutes daily and you will attain inner peace."

His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami

In a research study on the benefit of 45 days of Samarpan Meditation on participants

The awakening of this inner wisdom results in positive changes across many areas of life. These changes are personal and unique to each of us, but some of the benefits that people experience with consistent meditation are

  • less stress and tension;

  • more energy and motivation;

  • a more positive outlook on life;

  • an increase in natural immunity and improved health;

  • inner joy and satisfaction; and

  • a deeper spiritual connection and genuine peace.


How do we meditate?

Samarpan means ‘to let go’ or ‘to surrender’. Our intention, when sitting for meditation, is to let go of our effort to meditate and any expectations; to give ourselves the space to be still and let our inner intelligence ~ the guru within ~ guide us in a process of awakening that occurs automatically with this meditation.

This happens through a simple mantra – a special set of words that have been imbued with high vibrations by a fully-realised human being who has already reached an elevated spiritual state.  These vibrations resonate with universal consciousness and, through the mantra, we begin to experience our own vibration rising beyond the level that we could reach in our current condition. This starts a cleansing and awakening process and the benefits that come as a result. 


What can I expect with Samarpan Meditation?

When we approach anything in life with openness and without expectation, we let the experience happen naturally, because our thoughts about what should or shouldn’t happen don’t get in the way.

Likewise, if we can approach meditation with an open heart and mind, then it is possible to gain an experience of meditation the first time. Each person’s experience is different and nothing is right or wrong. The richness of meditation may take some time to reveal itself to us but, like anything that is special, it takes our investment to get to the point of recognising its value. The investment in Samarpan Meditation is not about making effort to try to meditate, because we automatically get connected to the enlightened state of the teacher ~ it is in our diligence to set aside a small amount of time regularly to sit and allow ourselves the space for meditation to happen, without judging what happens.

"In order to have peace in the world, we have to start with ourselves and Samarpan Meditation awakens the process of personal transformation that results in inner peace."

H.H. Shivkrupanand Swami


How can I meditate when my mind is so busy?

When there are so many influences, pressures and distractions that are constantly taking our attention, it is hard to believe that we can find a sense of peace or any kind of balanced state of mind. It seems impossible to quieten the ceaseless conversations in our minds that create even more disturbance inside us.

But stillness, peace and a balanced mind are our natural state and meditation is the means of reconnecting us with that experience. Meditation is as natural a human quality as falling into a restful sleep and with consistent meditation, over time it becomes increasingly a habit to be stable and peaceful within, regardless of what is happening around us. 


Accelerating progress in meditation

There are two invaluable features of Samarpan Meditation, that help to accelerate our progress when we start to meditate,

  • an ongoing connection with a fully-realised teacher who continues to support, nurture and protect us as we grow with the meditation; and

  • the principle of ‘collectivity’ ~ the benefit of meditating in the company of others, which increases the flow of vibrations as each person’s capacity to receive is added to ours.  

The weekly Samarpan Meditation centres are set up to provide a place for people to meditate together throughout their Samarpan journey, as well as connecting positive people to our lives. There are many hundreds of thousands of people meditating with the Samarpan mantra and connecting to the vibrations worldwide, and we each gain the benefit of that vast collectivity at a subtle level.

Is this meditation right for me?

To find out whether a particular meditation is right for us and effective, we need to experience it for ourselves. No books, no reading, no logic can be true for you unless you have the experience yourself.  


"...meditating for 1000 days alone and meditating with 1000 people in a single day is equal..." 

H.H. Shivkrupanand Swami

When we start something new, it helps to make a commitment to pursue it for enough time to notice whether or not it is making a positive change in our lives.  Over a very short period of regular practice, you will find the habit forming, it becomes easier and you will look forward to the time spent sitting for meditation. We recommend to try Samarpan Meditation for just 45 days, by which time the benefits will be apparent and you will know if it is worthwhile.


An ancient meditation for modern living

Samarpan Meditation is a simple, effective way of meditation ~ and each one of us, whatever our age, lifestyle, ability, belief or means can add this meditation to our daily routine and obtain its benefits.  

Although this is a ‘new’ meditation from the Himalayas, it has ancient origins. Coming from deep in the heart of nature, it developed with a purpose ~ to reconnect us with nature, The meditation causes a spiritual energy that lies dormant inside us to awaken, revealing our true self and our humanity. It has been handed down over 800 years from one teacher to one pupil, but after many years of spiritual practice in the Himalayas, His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami returned with a wish to share the meditation with anyone who wanted to learn, and impart the same experiences that he had received in the Himalayas.  It has been developed for the present day need and it has spread around the globe, being practised by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.


Samarpan Meditation is taught by His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami who brought the gift of Samarpan Meditation to society from the Himalayas.  

"The influence of a person who is connected with nature and has merged with it is always good."

H.H. Shivkrupanand Swami


If you feel inspired to understand more about Samarpan Meditation please get in touch. You can also come along to our local Meditation centres that run weekly and are free of charge to attend.  Meditating regularly with others is a great way to experience and progress with meditation, and increase its benefits.


Spend time at our Samarpan Yog Centre for Meditation and Retreat where meditation happens daily. You can register to go there for a few hours or several days to deepen your inner journey.


We sometimes get together for retreats, days out in nature and celebrations ~ as well as being fun, spending time in good company and meditating together supports our personal meditation practice. These are always open to anyone to participate. Check out our events page to see what's on.


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